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Several lengths available: Lumineo LED Christmas lights come in various lengths and are the brightest and most durable on the market. Available in different lengths to suit all your needs, they will illuminate your enchanting decor for many years.


Indoor/Outdoor: Very easy to install, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Use them to rejuvenate your Christmas tree or transform the exterior of your house into a true work of art; anything is possible!


8 blinking modes: Use the built-in controller to find the blinking mode that suits you best among 8 different modes (including a non-blinking mode).


Built-in timer: The lights have a built-in 8-hour timer, to be used or not according to your needs. For example, start the lights with the timer at 4:00 PM. They will turn off by themselves at midnight, and the cycle will repeat the same way every following day.

Multi-Colored Lights

  • 750 lights: 52.5 feet string

    1000 lights: 74 feet string

  • No refund, exchange within 7 days. For any purchase on the website, the policy Operation and Exchange Policy applies.

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