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Excellent Quality: Lumineo LED Christmas lights are the brightest and most durable on the market. They will illuminate your enchanting decor for many years.


Indoor/Outdoor: Very easy to install, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Use them to revitalize a room in your house or transform its exterior into a true work of art; anything is possible!


Blinking effect: The 160 integrated lights blink alternately, providing an enchanting and unique 'flash' effect.


Built-in Timer: The lights come with a built-in 8-hour timer, to be used or not according to your needs. For example, start the lights with the timer at 4:00 PM. They will turn off by themselves at midnight, and the cycle will repeat the same way every following day.

North Star - Dark Frame

  • 160 lights, 2.3 feet diameter

  • No refund, exchange within 7 days. For any purchase on the website, the policy Operation and Exchange Policy applies.

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